Slap & Run

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About Slap & Run

Slap & Run is a new, unique, and captivating game. You can hit anyone you want when you transform into the most playful character in the highly aggressive city.

The gameplay of this unique game

It is time to exact justice on everyone you despise by slapping them with more force than the history of mankind has ever seen. Use both hands to render your foes helpless, and then finish them off with a single strike. This ridiculous test will provide you with everything a real fighter needs, including two sturdy palms and a pair of unbeatable slapping gloves. The remaining steps are up to you! As your character is slapping other characters, you have control over him. Keep control of your character when you slide him or her left and right to get closer to your enemies. Slap each one of them; do not let any of them escape with a grin on their face! When you get closer to the finish line, you can feel the heat rising up through your hands. Put an end to your demonstrations with one last kick, and send your remaining foe scurrying away with a tremendous punch. Increase your coin count so that you may unlock more skins in the future. You will also find the option to improve your character's speed, money, and kicks in the main menu. Stay one step ahead of the ever-increasing difficulty and constantly appearing bosses in order to become the ultimate criminal in your city.

Features of the game

  • Theme of a humorous game
  • Graphics in vivid three dimensions.
  • Obtainable enhancements that may be purchased from the menu
  • There will soon be new character skins available.
  • Accessible on mobile