Run Rich 3D

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About Run Rich 3D

Transform into a poor girl in Run Rich 3D to collect items and reach the finish line to complete a level. Like Cuphead, there are different levels in this running game.

Note that the items will determine your wealth. You can become a noble lady if you collect coins and gems. In contrast, you will become poorer and poorer if you engage in bad activities like gambling and playing.

Some benefits you can get

After joining this game, you can get many benefits like playing Water Jetpack Race. You can log in every day to get money. Every day you will receive 50 dollars.

Besides, you can also spin the wheel of fortune to receive valuable rewards. While you can only play with one character in Tap Tap Shots, this game allows you to change the character. You can start the race as a rich girl. Choose and start this running game!