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About Repuls.io

Docski created the famous action game called Repuls.io to cater to all players who love dramatic shooting. Join the battle to destroy all the enemies.

Pick the mode you want to play.

On REPULS, you may choose from one of four different game modes. Navigate to the server list to find a match in the mode of your choice and join in! The game types are as follows: free for all, team deathmatch, capture the flag, and team control point.

Become the most formidable supersoldier possible.

You have been completely upgraded to the status of a supersoldier. When the context calls for it, use the different weapons at your disposal to your advantage. Make use of your grappling hook so that you can perform strategic moves all across the battlefield.

Come be a part of the REPULS community.

You may customize your supersoldier by giving him or her a unique color scheme and weapon skin. Join an existing one or create your own. Examine the leaderboards to determine your current standing on the international fighting ground. You'll have a lot to prove once you have a customized profile that details your kills and death counts.

How to control to master the battle

  • Move - WASD keys
  • Change weapon - 1
  • Use grenade - 2
  • Reload - CHEAP
  • Right mouse button - Rifle aim
  • Melee strike - Q
  • Jump - Space bar
  • Use / Pick up items - E