Red Ball Forever

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About Red Ball Forever

Red Ball Forever is a ball control game that overcomes all challenges to the finish line. The adventure seems endless with lots of mysteries to discover.

In Red Ball Forever, you will have to brace yourself to enter a universe that is full of a variety of challenges. Our well-known mascot, Red Ball, has made the courageous decision to go for a roll on this sunny day; nevertheless, he will need your assistance to navigate through the hazards and foes that lie in his path. Can you demonstrate to his competitors that the Red Ball will only come to a halt when he decides it should?

Who could have predicted that the world would be this risky? When you play this game, if you're a large red plastic ball, everything has the potential to kill you! The goal of this game is to survive long enough to complete each stage by making it all the way to the finish line marked with a red flag. The game has a total of 15 levels for you to go through, so you had the best to get started right away. To begin, choose a difficulty level from the main menu after clicking the "play" button. In the beginning, you will only have access to the first level; however, you will eventually be able to unlock the other levels one by one. The playing field of a level is littered with a wide variety of hazards, including spikes and foes. Because you only have three lives, you should do all in your power to avoid these hazards. It is important to exercise caution since each time you take harm, you lose a life. You need to get all of the stars that are available on each level. Utilizing them will allow you to unlock a variety of character models.


  • Vibrant images in two dimensions.
  • Intuitive controls.
  • Gameplay is both addicting and interesting.
  • 15 distinct levels that may be unlocked and played.
  • 5 distinct costumes for the character to choose from.

How to play

  • WASD or Arrows Keys, for Desktop.