Plants Vs Zombies

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About Plants Vs Zombies

Published by PopCap Games, the defense video game Plants Vs Zombies has become extremely popular worldwide for its addictive gameplay. Protect your crops.

This is a great strategy game in which you have to protect your home from being overrun by zombies. Plants, such as the well-known bean sprout, are effective in destroying zombies and protecting your brain from damage. This is a strategy game that can be played by everyone, and the experience is one that should be shared with close friends and family members.

The playing guidance

The free version of Plants vs. Zombies is an entertaining method to refine your ability to devise effective battle strategies. You are provided with a lawn in front of your property that is divided into squares at a consistent size. You may gather falling sun by clicking on it as it falls to the ground. Planting sunflower seeds on the first two rows that are visible from your front door is the first objective of the game. Your lawn will get an adequate amount of sunlight as a result, allowing you to grow pea shooters and other types of vegetation there. When the sunflowers have been finished, all that is left to do is capture the sunlight that they emit.

You have the ability to check the sort of zombie that will assault your lawn at the beginning of each level. If you do this, they will be better prepared. A certain plant has the ability to quickly dispose of a subset of zombies since it feeds on their blood. So, it is advisable to do a check before beginning the level. While not all planting takes place on the grass, each level has its own distinct flavor. There are certain stages in which you will really plant on the water, as well as the roof.