Penalty Kick Online

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About Penalty Kick Online

Like Tap Tap Shots, Penalty Kick Online is an exciting sports game in which you need to kick your balls and gain the best score in 15 shots.

If you play Pacman 30th Anniversary or Cuphead, you can experience various levels. Coming to Penalty Kick Online, you can kick penalties in 2 game modes, including 1vsCPU and 1vs1.

How to play

In this tense video game, you will assume the role of a football player who has been awarded a penalty kick. Try to score as many goals as you can with your 15 shots.

The objective of this free-kick game is to cross the ball over the opponent's goalkeeper's crossbar. Avoid swiping too far or you might miss it! The number of goalkeepers increases as the levels progress, increasing the game's complexity! The team with the most goals at the end of five rounds of play wins!