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Pacman allows you to transform into an alien superhero and explore intricate labyrinths. Take control of the character to navigate the mazes and consume all dots without coming into contact with monsters.

Pacman Versions

There are many other versions of the Pacman series such as Pacman 30th Anniversary. However, this arcade game is still one of the most enjoyable games.

How to play

In this game, you will play as a yellow alien superhero. Let's explore mysterious mazes in this game. Numerous power dots are hidden in these mazes. To win, you need to navigate the mazes and gather all the power dots. You can move to the next level if you collect all dots without being killed by monsters. However, you can attack them for 200 points when they transform into ghosts.

Note that some fruits, like strawberries and cherries, will occasionally appear. Consume them to score 100 points.

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