Nugget Royale

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About Nugget Royale

Have you ever played Nugget Royale? Coming to this game you have the opportunity to become a lovely chicken and participate in multiplayer matches like playing Deadshot.io. However, the gameplay in this game is completely different. You will not use weapons to fight. Instead, you need to use your abilities to overcome the challenges of the game and be the last one standing to win.

The gameplay of this surviving game is not inferior to any other shooting game like FNaF Shooter because it is still a highly competitive game. Besides that, this game is also an exciting adventure for your character. You will join various journeys like Cuphead.

The first challenge

Your first challenge may be to survive on collapsing platforms. Move and avoid falling to the bottom. If you reach the sea, the game will be over. The number of participants in this game is large. You can compete with 70 other players. Play it and show your survival skills!