Nick Basketball Stars

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About Nick Basketball Stars

Nick Basketball Stars is a basketball sports game featuring very popular characters. Thrilling matches will take place, showing off your throwing skills.

Nick Basketball Stars is a fun and competitive basketball game that pairs famous characters from programs that run on Nickelodeon, such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, against each other in a game of basketball. The game offers a selection of characters for the player to use, as well as two different game modes: tournament and random match.

In the Tournament mode of the game, the winner is the first team to achieve 21 points before the game's timer runs out. In the Random Match mode, the player's character will continue to work towards the same objective, but they will instead be randomly paired with another character to compete in a two-on-two encounter against another pair of characters. In addition to it, the athlete is required to do a massive dunk.

During gaming, the player has the opportunity to pick up useful boosters or pickups. They can, for instance, boost their speed with Bolt, leap higher with Cloud, and lower an opponent's speed and jump with Poison. Bolt and Cloud both have these abilities.

The playing guidance

  • You may make the character run by using the Left and Right Arrow keys. This will get the player closer to the ball so that they can catch it.
  • You can leap by pressing the Up Arrow once, and you can double jump by pressing it twice.
  • To assault another player, use the Spacebar on your keyboard.
  • To slam the ball through the hoop, you must first approach the hoop, then press the Up Arrow, and last hit the Spacebar.
  • To do a super dunk, you must first wait for the power gauge on the screen to fill up completely before leaping and dunking the ball.