MX Offroad Master

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About MX Offroad Master

Welcome to the adventure on the MX Offroad Master motorbike is a driving game through different rough terrains that require your best control of the car.

You will cycle through a sizable area in the game that is filled with various hills, ramps, stunt arenas, money, diamonds, and other objects. With to enhanced gameplay mechanics, a new bike, helmet, and a third-person perspective, the game is noticeably more exciting.

Engaging Gameplay

You can pick Between The Game's Two Game Modes.

  • Ride on the mountain: In it, you go on mountains with different levels of difficulty in their rails, and you compete to become the first cyclist to conclude off-road courses.
  • Free ride: Spend your time and explore the fields that this game has produced in 3D without competing or moving too fast.

You can play 1p or 2p in every two modes and controls as follows:

Player 1

  • Press the WASD to move
  • Front braking space
  • S for rear brakes
  • C to the camera switch
  • R to restart the position

Player 2

  • Lock the arrow to move
  • R-Shift for braking first
  • Arrow key down to brake
  • O To the camera switch
  • P to restart position