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About Monopoly

As one of the most popular economic-themed classic board games to date, Monopoly has kept its heat. The player's task is to expand as many assets as possible.

Lively animations bring this classic board game to life in a way that feels completely engaging. You may play the whole traditional version of the game without having to worry about being interrupted by advertisements, so you can focus on having fun while playing the Monopoly board game. You should invite your relatives and friends to participate in this entertaining game.

The guidelines to play

Choose to play mode

You may play this popular board game from Hasbro in a number of different player options, both online and offline. In single-player mode, you may put your real estate investing talents to the test against our difficult artificial intelligence opponents and become a property magnate. With the online multiplayer mode, you may compete against your friends and family no matter where you are. When you pass and play one device among a group of players, you may play without using WiFi. As you continue to purchase up the board, the decision is yours to make!

Choose your rules

Even if you're one of the many individuals who has never really read the Monopoly rules, you're free to play the game any way you see fit; there are no restrictions! Play without participating in auctions, top out your Free Parking account with cash, or shell out $400 to land right on GO! You have the option of playing according to the rules outlined in the original Hasbro rule book, selecting from a possible list of the house rules that are the most often used, or writing your own rules from scratch!

Choose the one you want

You may choose your player piece from a variety of current and traditional options, such as the Scottie, the cat, the T-rex, the rubber duck, the vehicle, the top hat, and the battleship.

Proceed to the board

Feel the rush of driving your relatives and friends into bankruptcy while climbing the ranks to become the most successful landlord tycoon on the board. It is exactly the same as you remember it, plus there are some entertaining animations and an artificial intelligence banker that is on everyone's side.

Create a real estate dynasty of your own

To become a property tycoon, you must first PURCHASE real estate, COLLECT rent, and Construct hotels before you can roll the dice, make risky investments, place bids at auctions for available properties, and make your way around the board.