MiniBattles 2-6 Players

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About MiniBattles 2-6 Players

MiniBattles 2-6 Players is a fun game that lets you play with your best friends. Joining a team to conquer challenges will make this game very interesting.

There is only one winner in each fight that takes place in the MiniBattles game, which can have up to six players participating at the same time. You can set up tournaments between your friends with this amazing game as the counter will show who wins the most matches.

Choose your favorite game, then join. Various games are offered, including those with football, cars, tank wars, sumo, archers, Vikings, and spaceships. With your loved ones, play keyboard games.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android

This cool game's release date

  • June 2020 (Android). July 2020 (HTML5) (HTML5).

How to control the game

  • Player 1: C
  • Player 2: N
  • Player 3: Q
  • Player 4: P
  • Player 5: Left Arrow
  • Player 6: Right Arrow