Mini Mario Game: Mini's March Forever

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About Mini Mario Game: Mini's March Forever

If you love puzzle games, then Mini Mario Game: Mini's March Forever is the perfect game for you. Join the puzzle with the challenges of each different level.

Now it's time to have some fun with this exciting and challenging journey filled with puzzles in which you have to do everything in your power to collect all the coins on the way. Go, interact with the environment, activate and deactivate platforms, and finally reach the door leading to the next level journey to complete the level. During the journey, you will discover one surprise after another! Are you ready to face your fears and conquer all that is stopping you from getting out of here?

How to win the game

  • To win this game you have to be really calm and move with the WASD key.
  • Combine using the mouse to be able to eat more gold.
  • Eat all the gold to discover the next level