Merge Cannon Chicken Defense

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About Merge Cannon Chicken Defense

It is a defense game where you use the cannon to shoot incoming chicken. It is an action game like Pokemon FireRed Version. The game's goal is to destroy all chickens as quickly as possible and ensure that your enemies can not destroy your castle. To do this, you will need to place turrets that can be upgraded with various upgrades such as faster firing speed, bigger damage, etc. You can also upgrade your weapons and cannons by merging the same cannon to create new weapons with stronger power.

Some tips to fight

Like dynamons in the Dynamons World game, your cannon should always be leveled up because your adversaries are always stronger. You only need to level up your weapons to defeat the chicken.

If bosses can eliminate your Cuphead in the Cuphead game, your castle can be destroyed by dangerous chicken. Therefore, let's upgrade your castle's wall against them.