Merc Zone

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About Merc Zone

Merc Zone is a shooting game that will make you surprised by the experience this game brings. Will you transform into a good shooter or will you be the prey?

How to play this thrilling shooting game

Find a game for it.

Simply hitting the "play now" button on the home screen will get you right into the action of the fight. You have the option of creating your own match if you want to play a customized game in which you may pick the desired mode and map, or you can join a game that is already being played on the server that is located nearest to you. Free for All, Last Merc Standing, and Team are the three different sorts of games that may be played.

Pick your subject of study.

In Merc Zone, players choose from one of five different classes. Every combatant has a bespoke arsenal of weapons at their disposal. Ogre, Brock (assault), Cochese (stealth), Crazy Ed (gunner), and Bingo (sniper) are the classes that are available (heavy).

Begin battle

The moment has come for you to take on the other competitors, and it doesn't matter if you want to show off your sharpshooting skills or go wild with the minigun. Because Merc Zone is a fast-paced shooter, you'll need to stay moving and make good use of your grenades (by pressing G) and the crouch/slide technique (by pressing shift/C). Keep your wits about you!