Little Big Snake

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About Little Big Snake

Like Snake Game, Little Big Snake is made to allow multiple players to engage in the experience at once. Turn into snakes and battle alone or fight as a group.

The snake is the theme of this game. It is similar to Apple Worm.

Competition with other snakes

If your opponents collide with you, they will be destroyed. In a similar vein, colliding with other players will result in your death. Avoid colliding with any of your opponents. That, however, is not simple. Your adversaries will attempt to trap you. They can abruptly pick up speed, causing you to run into them.

Furthermore, if you are a little snake, the risk is substantially increased. Longer and larger snakes than you can maneuver around you. They encircle you to prevent you from leaving the location. You can consequently collide with them. It is so thrilling. If you like playing games with thrill, you can try Cuphead to have more experience.