Kitten Hide And Seek 2

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About Kitten Hide And Seek 2

Kitten Hide And Seek 2 is the second installment of the hide-and-seek series, Kitten Hide And Seek. Join this game to help you experience many interesting levels like Cuphead. However, the gameplay of these two games is completely different.

Your task is to control your character to reach the destination to win. You need to avoid the detection of the kitten. If the kitten spots you, the game is over. You can hide thanks to objects on your way. If you want to enjoy other running games, you can try Run Rich 3D to have more experience.

Outstanding features

Like Tap Tap Shots, this game has very impressive graphics. The main character is a beautiful little girl. You can control this girl to cross paths full of objects. These items are also great.

Besides, you can spin the wheel of fortune or unlock new skins for your character.