Impostor Royal Solo Kill

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About Impostor Royal Solo Kill

Impostor Royal Solo Kill is a unique 3D game that gives you a refreshing entertainment experience. Your mission is to find the impostor who is infiltrating.

The impostors are trapped in the room together, and the only way for one of them to emerge victorious is to eliminate the other liars. Fight like you're in a battle if you can manage to gather weapons, fortify yourself with bonuses, and put up a good fight! Your objective is straightforward: Eliminate all other players still alive on the battlefield. Allow yourself to be the only survivor among the players; everything goes into love and war.

How to play for you to find the fake

  • Tap anywhere in the room to travel around it, then let go of the slide.
  • Accumulate bonuses, get power-ups, and fortify your own defenses.

Features of this thrilling fighting game

  • Extremely straightforward and easy to comprehend.
  • Control with a single finger
  • An endless variety of obstacles, ranging from simple to difficult.
  • Character skins and pets that are influenced by pop art
  • Gameplay that is simple, unadulterated, and inventive
  • Completely and totally free to play.