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About Hole.io

Welcome to Hole.io to take part in a fantastic journey while competing with other players. You need to enlarge the hole by eating the buildings in a sizable metropolis.

Like Cuphead, this game requires you to control your character to avoid dangers. However, in this game, you have to fight against the attack of other players. It is more thrilling.


You will not fight one opponent like playing Dynamons World. Instead, you have to compete with many different enemies.

In this game, you take charge of a hole that keeps obliterating the city's buildings and getting bigger. When the hole is initially relatively small, you can eat foods that are the right size to widen it. To get bigger, you must locate and consume moving humans on the map. When your hole is large enough, you can consume vehicles, buildings, street lights, or other players.

Suggestions: Merge Cannon Chicken Defense.