Hidden Magic OG

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About Hidden Magic OG

Hidden Magic OG is an interesting object-finding game that helps you train your eyesight. In this large room, show your keen eye for hidden objects.

Hidden Magic OG challenges you to explore mystical chambers in search of its secret components. You need to collect points in order to unlock new, more difficult levels; will you be able to do it on your first try, or will it take a few tries? Explore the areas that have been thoughtfully crafted for you to explore, get lost in the spooky setting, and hone your attention skills with this fun yet challenging game!

How to play helps you quickly find objects

People need you in their huts, so grab your magnifying glass, hop in the time machine, and travel back to the medieval ages as quickly as you can. Obtain lists, look for persons who could be lost, and mark your discoveries to assist other people. You can ask to be given quests, accomplish them to get a reward in the form of points, and then use those points to apply for your next job in a different location! Check the list below after you've finished constructing the first house. You are able to adjust the camera angle so that you can examine the room in great detail. If you locate any objects, you can cross them off the list by clicking on them. Be wary of the time restriction; you can determine how much time you have remaining by following the bar in the top left corner of the screen. You can improve your score by playing through some of the stages again, and then you can check out each of the game's eight rooms. Train to become a master inspector so you can assist others in locating their potions.