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Play Hexanaut.io to enjoy a multiplayer territory-conquering game.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Unlike Cuphead and Turbo Moto Racer 3D, this game is for multiplayer, so it is competitive. To become an impostor king in the arena, you need to capture as many hexagons as you can. Can you become the superhex in the Hexanaut.io game?

How to compete

This game follows the same set of rules as Scribble. Let's direct an impostor around the arena to capture as many hexagons as you can to increase your territory.

In addition to hexagons, defense towers must be captured. They will automatically assist you in conquering hexagons.

Remember to pay attention to your opponents in the arena. They can drive you out of the arena by cutting your tail or taking over your territory. You will be on the top of the leaderboard if you control the most territory in the arena.

How to control: To control an impostor, use the mouse.