Happy Wheels

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Happy Wheels will bring you dangerous adventures. Are you ready to participate in the thrilling adventures of this game? In this game, you have to face dangerous obstacles before reaching the finish line.

Playing Guide

In this game, you need to control your character and move to the finish line quickly. Spikes, mines, saw blades, and other dangerous traps are around you. As you move, you must pay attention to them. Keep in mind that crashing into obstacles will instantly kill you. Therefore, try to stay away from them.


  • To move, press the ARROW KEYS.
  • To perform the primary action, press the SPACEBAR.
  • To carry out the secondary action, hold down the Shift or Ctrl keys.
  • To eject, press the Z key.

All Happy Wheels Levels

This game has 139 featured levels. Try to collect 3 stars at the end of each level. The Happy Wheels game has more levels than Among Us, Cuphead, and Crossy Road. Can you get through each level?