Gun War Z2

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About Gun War Z2

In the game Gun War Z2, there are many people waiting for your rescue from the zombie attack. This is a great shooting action game for your entertainment.

The world you know has turned into a zombie apocalypse, and now it's your duty to protect humanity from the undead. You can choose from a diverse arsenal of weapons, from machine guns to lasers, as you play through thirty different stages of the game, organized into three tournaments. Maintain your daily routine while personalizing your look with different scopes, guns, and planes. Gun War Z2 will take you on an exciting journey, so get ready! The goal of the game in which you participate as a player is to free as many people as possible from the grip of the undead. Gun War Z2 players will have a stimulating experience thanks to the game's user-friendly controls, a diverse arsenal of damage, and engaging level designs.

The playing instruction

You are seated in a helicopter and must use the mouse to control a Gatling gun by pointing it in the desired direction, holding it, and moving it. You have to make sure that all of the survivors make it to the pick-up area, where it is safe for them, and that is how you can complete the level. Shot at the zombies that are pursuing the survivors in each level, and you will be able to finish the level.