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About Granny

Granny is definitely the best game to test your guts. The sudden appearance of horror images will easily make you tremble but face it strongly.

In the terrifying online arcade game known as Granny, your objective is to navigate your way out of the dilapidated rooms and corridors of Grandma's ancient home. Be very careful that your spooky Granny does not discover that you are escaping in this manner since she does not approve of rebellious youngsters. Because the wicked granny has such excellent hearing, this will not be a simple task. Therefore, as soon as she hears you making a commotion, she will hurry over to see what's going on. If you are caught by Granny or one of her traps, you will sleep through the day and wake up in the evening of the next day in bed. Always keep in mind that you only have five days left to go away!

You are now being held captive at your grandmother's home. You awaken in a pitch-black room with the only source of illumination being your flashlight, which is resting on a table nearby. You notice that you are suffering from a headache, and it seems as if someone struck you on the head. Because of this, you have no choice but to leave her house, but you must do so while maintaining your composure and remaining quiet. She is able to pick up every sound. If you happen to drop anything on the ground, she will hear it and come running over to help you as soon as possible. You may try to hide in closets or behind beds, but you have to be very careful that she does not find out where you are hiding.

Remember these tips so you can get off the hook

  • Observe creaky flooring to avoid noise. Then you can go around rooms discreetly.
  • Outrun Granny. Unless cornered, you can run faster than Granny. Close doors to slow her down.
  • Make noise when moving rooms. Granny hears you. Use this to keep her occupied while you work.
  • Granny will notice if you hide. She's dumb and easily duped, yet she's incredibly focused and can pinpoint any sound.
  • Find Granny-beating things throughout the home. The objects you need are randomly placed, so you don't know where they are at first.
  • Drop objects quietly. Dropping stuff on soft furniture, cupboards, desks, shelves, tables, and grass works.

The controls help you master this horror game

  • Action = Escape
  • Move = WASD
  • Crouch/Stand = C
  • Hide/Unhide = R
  • Pickup/Interact = E
  • Drop = Space
  • Remove bear traps/Place/Use = F
  • Shoot = Left click
  • Spray = Left click.