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About Grandpa

In the spirit of not succumbing to fear Grandpa is the great game for you at the moment. Let's find a way to escape from an evil ugly old man.

Using a first-person view throughout the game, you will need to solve the riddles in order to make your way out of the mansion. There are quite a few conundrums concealed inside. and all of them have conversations with one another. Throw open the doors that were closed. You have to find a way to avoid the traps. You were apprehended by Grandpa, who then imprisoned you in your house. It is imperative that you run away from the home! You have to figure out how to get out of the home by solving the riddles!

Tips to get rid of the scary old man in Grandpa game

If you really are so scared, you should probably just shut your eyes. The character will open his eyes after you've brought yourself back under control. He is privy to every piece of information.

If you come across any syringes. Put it in the grandpa's stomach, and that will neutralize it.

There is little doubt that the impact will wear off once some time has passed. You may conceal yourself in the desk or the closet.

If you drop anything, he will come sprinting after you as soon as he hears it.