For Honor Warriors.io

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About For Honor Warriors.io

For Honor Warriors.io is a strategy game where you can use your wits to become a great warrior. It's time for you to fight the enemies that show your strength.

In the thrilling game For Honor Warrios.io, you will take on the role of one of more than 16 fearless warriors from one of four different factions. Now is the time to battle with honor for your motherland! Participate in this conflict in which there are very few if any rules, and go on an exciting journey as you engage in nonstop combat against waves of adversaries who are out to kill you.

Prepare to travel the arena while collecting orbs to enhance your score and annihilate lesser opponents while wielding your sword with power and bravery. In addition, be prepared to gather orbs as you go from side to side. The goal of this game is for you to become the largest and most powerful warrior in the whole thing.

How to control your sword

  • Move the character by dragging and dropping your mouse.
  • You may attack with the LMB or the RMB.