Five Nights At Freddy's 2

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About Five Nights At Freddy's 2

The second game in the Five Nights At Freddy's franchise was released in 2014. Thirty years have passed since the story of Five Nights at Freddy's. With its alluring gameplay and stunning graphics, this new volume has drawn millions of gamers from the very first day of its release.

How to play

You'll see a job posting in a newspaper at the start of the game. Freddy Fazbear Pizza is specifically looking for a security guard to work the midnight to six in the morning shift. The previous employee has switched to the day shift, which is the cause. According to the job description, you will be in charge of watching over the pizzeria for 5 nights straight. Participate in this game to survive for 5 nights and avoid the attack of animatronics.

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