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Classic Shooting Game

EvoWars.io is a classic shooter, with the main focus being on multiplayer gameplay like Shell Shockers. Even though this is a multiplayer-focused game, it does have single-player missions where you will need to complete objectives to upgrade your weapons and items for your character. The controls in this game are fairly simple and easy to pick up as long as you have some experience playing games like this before.


Use your cursor to move and the left mouse button to attack. In addition, you can use your right mouse button to speed up. However, your character will lose ex points. So, you only need to speed up when it is really necessary. This game has simple controls. It is easier than Cuphead.

Let's control your character to collect dots or eliminate other players to upgrade and conquer the map. Become the strongest player!

After playing this game, you can try other multiplayer games such as FlyorDie.io. It is free to play on our website.