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About Ev.io

Ev.io is the most attractive online shooting action game today. With fancy graphics and additional features to help you have the most attractive experience.

How to play this ideal action game

Simply clicking the screen will cause you to be joined to a game at random. Both free-for-all deathmatches and team deathmatches will be available for you to participate in as a player.


In the game Ev.io, there are a number of levels that take their inspiration from science fiction. Make clever use of futuristic architecture to increase your chances of success. You may surprise your opponents with an assault from above by using double and triple jumps to reach high locations and go above them.


There are three different conceivable weapons that are always available. The instructions on how to alter your default weapons may be found below. When you are really playing the game, there are many firearms positioned at various spots around the map. You may get an edge with a variety of firearms, including sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and others.


A straightforward ability tree is available in Ev.io, and its characteristics include jump height, ammunition, teleport, stamina, and reload speed. On the abilities page, you also have the option to modify the weapon that is equipped by default.