Elastic Man

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About Elastic Man

Elastic Man is a pretty excellent game to relieve stress, with both aesthetics and quite attractive gameplay. You are free to reshape the face as you like.

You get the opportunity to stretch and pull the face of a guy in the entertaining video game known as "Elastic Man." When pulled, the person will extend out, much like a balloon. The only purpose of this game is for you to have fun by pulling and yanking on the man's elastic face. It is recommended that you choose a quality that is somewhere in the middle so you won't be able to see the terrify on Elastic Man's face. When the game is set to medium quality, it functions quite effectively and without any hiccups.


  • The game is both interesting and pleasant.
  • Enjoyable gaming with a straightforward control scheme
  • Incredible, high-quality sights, and effects that will blow your mind.
  • A wonderful way to relieve stress and anxiety
  • There is nothing to do.

How to play

  • To play the face you will need to click and drag with your mouse.
  • When you let go of it the face will go back to where it was when you first started using it.

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