Duck Life 4

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About Duck Life 4

Duck Life 4 is a game with an upgraded version that adds a lot of interesting things to increase the entertainment experience. Which version do you like?

What's Brand New?

The sale of genetically engineered ducks is no longer permitted, yet there is still one champion racer. The flaming duck is known as Frank. When you reach the final level, which is located in the appropriate scorching volcano, it will be up to you to defeat him.

Teams of Ducks

In comparison to the games that came before it, Duck Life 4 has a stronger feeling of advancement. There is now a wide variety of ducks available to pick from, each sporting a unique and vibrant skin pattern. After selecting your first duck, you will be able to grow your squad by purchasing other ducks from the store. Construct each duck such that it has its own set of specialized abilities, then make the most of those abilities.

More Freedom

This time around, the main meal takes place in a rural community known as Grassland, where the local ducks host various competitions and training activities. You may win an entrance to the main event by proving your mettle against challenges set by the locals.

New Stages

Each of the levels in Duck Life 4 has its own distinct visual aesthetic as well as audio aesthetic. Additionally, new layouts and difficulties not seen in any of the prior Duck Life games may be found in the training levels. The following is a list of the six primary levels in Duck Life 4:

  • Grassland
  • Swamp
  • Glacier
  • Mountains
  • City
  • Volcano

How to play


To begin playing Duck Life 4, you must first train your duck's fundamental abilities. The abilities in question include of running, flying, climbing, and swimming. If you want to boost your chances of winning racing events, you should focus on developing the abilities listed below first. Once you are ready to start the race, you may relax and watch to see how well your duck does.


The training of ducks is vital to the acquisition of cash, and it is a currency that enables you to advance in the game. During your workout, you should be collecting money so that you may later spend them on duck feed to boost your vitality. In Duck Life 4, there is a cosmetics store, which means that you can spend your cash to buy hats and duck eggs in order to hatch additional ducks for your squad!