Duck Life 3

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About Duck Life 3

Duck Life 3 is the sequel to the most popular game series of the last decade. The ducks have been genetically modified, you choose one of four to compete.

There are three other leagues, each of which takes place in a different setting than the initial game. Each one consists of a preliminary round followed by a final. When it comes to the amateur league, the competitions are held on a farm. It is possible that genetically engineered ducks were first developed on a farm similar to this one.

London serves as the setting for the advanced league, while Easter Island serves as the setting for the professional league. As you go up in the leagues, you'll find that the difficulty of the training levels increases.

How to perform


To begin playing Duck Life 3, you must first train your duck's fundamental abilities. The abilities in question include of running, flying, climbing, and swimming. Because these talents are so important to the overall gameplay, it is imperative that you hone them to perfection before competing in a race. When you are ready to start the race, you just take a seat and wait to see how well your duck does.


Training is necessary for earning cash, which is necessary for progression, and training is crucial for earning currency. While you are practicing, gather as much money as you can so that you may purchase duck feed to boost your energy level.