Duck Hunt

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How to Play Duck Hunt

You can become a duck hunter by transforming into a dog that can smell ducks and find them in the bush in Duck Hunt.

The duck will ascend sequentially into the sky following the dog's plunge into the bush. Let's aim and eliminate all ducks. Keep in mind that each duck only comes with 3 bullets. The duck will fly away if you run out of bullets.

The duck icon at the bottom of the screen will turn white if you fail to shoot it, and the dog will laugh at you. In the reverse, you'll get 1000 points and the duck symbol will turn red if you can shoot the duck and it falls to the ground.

How to control

  • Press Enter to play
  • Click the left mouse button to shoot

Game Modes

This game has 3 modes of play, including Clay Pigeon Shooting, 1 Duck, and 2 Duck. You will only be able to see one duck flying at a time if you select the 1 Duck mode. Two ducks will fly simultaneously if the "2 Duck" mode is selected. It is more modes than Temple Run 2, Cuphead, and Zombie Tsunami.