Drive Mad Winter

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About Drive Mad Winter

Drive Mad Winter is the ultimate driving simulation game that immerses you in joyful emotions. You will control the car to help it reach its destination safely.

When playing Drive Mad Winter you will be challenged to maintain control of your vehicle moving on a snow-covered road filled with impassable obstacles.

You must always keep the accelerator pedal if you want to overcome rough roads. However, while you are doing this, there is a chance that your car could tip over. It helps if you put enough speed behind the car's acceleration to keep the car from tipping over. You can go to higher floors by using the elevator after you press the button, the elevator will start moving. You will need to push your vehicle to unlock the locked bridges.

How to win the game

Be careful not to drive too quickly or recklessly because if you flip your pixel truck and it gets shattered into bits, you will fail the level and have to start again. This will happen if you drive too fast, so try to avoid doing either of those things.

If you're playing the game on a computer, you can control the game by moving the mouse. If you're playing it on a phone or tablet, you can control the game by touching the screen directly with your finger. To accelerate forward, hold the pedal on the right to accelerate backward, hold the pedal on the left.