Drift Hunters

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If you like Drift 3 and Drift F1, Drift Hunters will be ideal for you. Come to Drift Hunters to experience a fantastic driving game with a variety of tracks. Play this driving game to get the best score, learn every track, and do amazing drifts. Due to its fast-paced gameplay, it is more thrilling than Cuphead, ZombsRoyale.io, and Zombie Hunters Online.

How to play Drift Hunters

Drive on stunt racetracks and perform stunning drifts to show off your drifting skills. You can experience 10 different types of racetracks. If you drift for longer, you might get more money and points. Try your best to get the best drifting score you can in order to win a lot of money.


  • Control your vehicle using the arrow keys.
  • To use the handbrake, press the Spacebar.
  • To change the camera view, press the C key.
  • Accelerate the speed by pressing the Shift + Up arrow key.

Hunter Vehicles

There are multiple vehicles in your garage. The Nissan 240sx, BMW M3, Mitsubishi Evolution, Subaru Impreza WRZ, and Honda S2000 are just a few examples.

Let's master all of the game's tracks by using your expert driving skills.