DEEEEE Simulator

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DEEEEE Simulator is a unique action-adventure game than all other games of the same genre. You will transform into a mischievous monkey to conquer challenges.

Introducing DEEEER Simulator game

DEEEER Simulator is a sandbox-style game developed by NASPAPA Games in which the player assumes the role of a deer and explores an open-world environment. The game offers a unique and funny experience where the player is free to wreak havoc and create chaos using the deer's unique abilities.

In the game, you can control a deer with a series of exaggerated and bizarre actions. These include using the elastic neck to grab and throw objects, biting and headbutting, flying with rocket-powered hooves, and even transforming into different animals. The game has an eccentric and humorous style, allowing the player to interact with various elements in the environment and test the unique powers of the deer.

DEEEER Simulator's open-world setting provides a vast landscape for players to explore. You can wander through different areas, including cities, countryside, beaches, and more, interacting with both human characters and other animals. As you navigate the world, you'll encounter a variety of quests, challenges, and hidden secrets, adding depth to the gameplay experience.

DEEEER Simulator also offers a bunch of customization options for your deer character. You can modify its look by changing its colors, adding accessories and even creating unique outfits. This allows you to personalize your deer and make it stand out in the game world.

How to play the game

  • Obtain the game: DEEEER Simulator is available on various platforms, including PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. You can purchase and download the game from the respective online stores.
  • Launch the game: Once you have the game installed on your preferred platform, launch it to start playing.
  • Select a game mode: DEEEER Simulator offers different game modes, such as Free Mode and Story Mode. In Free Mode, you can explore the open world at your own pace without any specific objectives. In Story Mode, you'll encounter quests and missions that progress the game's storyline. Choose the mode that suits your preference.
  • Control the deer character: After selecting the game mode, you'll assume control of a deer character. The controls may vary slightly depending on the platform, but typically you'll use the joystick or directional keys to move the deer and the buttons or keys to perform actions, such as attacking, grabbing objects, or activating special abilities.
  • Explore the world and interact: As a deer, you are free to roam the open-world environment. Explore different areas, interact with various objects and characters, and experiment with the deer's abilities. You can perform actions like stretching your neck to grab and throw objects, flying with rocket-powered hooves, or transforming into different animals. Take the opportunity to create chaos or complete quests and missions depending on the game mode you chose.
  • Customize your deer: DEEEER Simulator offers customization options for your deer character. You can access the customization menu to change the deer's appearance, including its colors, accessories, and outfits. This allows you to personalize your deer and give it a unique look.
  • Progress in the game: In Story Mode, follow the quests and missions to progress through the game's storyline. Complete objectives and interact with characters to unlock new areas and abilities. In Free Mode, you have the freedom to explore and create your own experiences.