Cut The Rope: Time Travel

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Transform into Om Nom in Cut The Rope: Time Travel to travel back in time. In this game, your mission is to provide candy to the ancestors of this green frog by cutting the appropriate rope.

Gameplay Of This Adventure Game

Cut The Rope has many different versions with unique features. Now is time to travel time with a new volume, called Cut The Rope: Time Travel. Let's cut the appropriate ropes so that the candy will fall into the mouths of the green frogs. Candy can be blown by using an air cushion. In addition, in order to obtain them, you must cause the candy to fall through three stars.

Controls: To cut the rope, hold down the left mouse button.

Cut The Rope: Time Travel 1-165 Levels

There are 165 levels in 11-level packs in this newest installment. Each level pack represents a different land. Can you finish all levels and take Om Nom to all of the ancestors in different lands? After playing this game, you can play more exciting adventures in Wormax.io, Tiny Fishing, FunRace.io, and Cuphead.