Cut The Rope

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About Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope is a smart entertainment game where you need to calculate so that the delicious candy eats the stars that fall into the frog's mouth.

Play Cut the Rope to provide enormous chunks of candy to a creature known as Om Nom, who is starving. Collect all of the stars to get the highest rating and go on to stages with more difficult riddles as you make your way through the game.

This is the first installment in the Cut the Rope video game franchise, which consists of a series of physics-based puzzle games in which the player must cut ropes, gather stars, and feed their starving monster companion.

The Rules of the Game Cut the Rope

First, you must ensure that the ropes are cut in the exact sequence so that the candy cane can swing and gather all of the stars, and then you must feed Om Nom. There are occasions when you need to cut through the rope at just the appropriate moment in order for it to fall in the desired direction.

In order to continue playing Cut the Rope, you will need to collect a particular amount of stars. As you get farther, more components of the game, such as bubbles and air cushions, will become available to you. Before you give young Om Nom any stars, you need first safeguard them with these mechanisms.


  • 25 difficulty levels
  • Physics-based puzzles are fun
  • Bonus points are awarded as extra stars
  • With the lovely creature called Om Nom

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