Cuphead Rush

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About Cuphead Rush

Cuphead Rush is an expansion from the original Cuphead game and gained worldwide popularity as soon as it was released. Have you played this game yet?

You begin the game with a skin for Cuphead Rush that is both simple and free, but as you go through the game and accumulate stars, you will be able to unlock and purchase various skins for Cuphead using those stars. Your character will move ahead on their own, and you will need to use the mouse or touch screen to cause them to leap and spin while they are in the air.

Doing so will allow you to soar above the pits, obstacles, traps, and monsters that you come across, which is important since colliding with or falling into any of them will result in death, which will force you to restart your journey from the beginning. Make the most of platforms and other opportunities to amass as many stars as you can, and don't let up on your excellent performance.

How to control the character through the forests

You click to let the character jump over the barriers. Avoid animals with gentle faces but they are trying to attack you.