Cuphead Brothers in Arms

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About Cuphead Brothers in Arms

Cuphead Brothers in Arms is a game that will make you scared of monsters. This game was released in 2017 but so far has always been loved by many players.

In this game, your objective will be to survive as long as possible by navigating through the creatures that appear from every direction and making it to the end location. You have to be extremely cautious because not only am I a threat while armed but also because they have supernatural powers at their disposal. You will find that they will assault you with pieces of pizza, incredibly poisonous snakes, or a variety of toys that will emerge from the ground to capture you.

How to play win this scary game.

You will navigate through the game using the arrow keys on the keyboard in order to evade the assaults of the creatures that stand in your way. You will start the game with three lives, and if you use them all up, you will be eliminated from play and the game will end. You may engage in combat with the zombies by using the X and Z keys to perform attacks on them. Make an effort to put an end to them as quickly as you can.