Crossy Road

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Are you ready to play a classic adventure game, called Crossy Road? In this running game, your mission is to safely guide a bird through crowded highways and try to get the highest score possible. This game is an endless game. It is in contrast to Apple Worm. After playing this running game, how many points can you earn? Get started and show off your skills!

Crossy Road's Rules

Play Crossy Road and help your bird come to its home. However, in order to return home, they must cross busy roads. You need to cross dangerous roads while avoiding colliding with moving vehicles. Remember to collect coins on your way. Your points will increase thanks to collected coins. Make every effort to achieve the highest possible score.

Addition Information

It is simple to play this running game. To control your characters, use the arrow keys. However, note that your field of play will move. Before you can't see your character, you have to move. The game will end in the event of this.

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