Crazy Stickman Escape

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About Crazy Stickman Escape

Do you want to try once to transform into a thief? Crazy Stickman Escape is an exciting puzzle game, your task is to help 2 thieves escape from a dark prison.

When participating in this game, you will control the blue stickman to get the blue key, then switch to the red stickman to get the red key. Do you think these are easy? Don't rush to celebrate it's all just the opening. In this game, there are also security personnel, cameras, drones, lasers, acid tanks, and other barriers everywhere in the building so the escape is not easy.

You can also become a hero as you can free other captives along the route and change your character's look by finding new skins and outfits. To keep the game interesting, you can also purchase many extras. Spin the Wheel of Fortune to earn free money and prove to us that you have the ability and will to go far.

Engaging gameplay

  • To move you use the WASD or Arrow keys
  • To interact you Use - WOOD
  • Change character - F
  • Zoom Out - Z
  • Pause - ESC

Don't worry about having to control both characters, this game will let you control them one by one to avoid mistakes when escaping from prison.