Crazy Drift

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About Crazy Drift

If you want to take part in epic driving then Crazy Drift is the best game for you to choose. Press the gas and accelerate to conquer all the roads.

It is an extremely realistic and high-fidelity drifting, racing, and driving game that flawlessly replicates the body physics engine in every component of the automobile, resulting in highly precise realistic behavior. The game also has high levels of detail and immersion. Experience the thrill of genuine driving while appreciating the authenticity of the crushing mechanism.

The release year of the game

  • June 2022

How to control the game for beginners

  • WASD / arrow keys: drive
  • Space: handbrake
  • F: NOS
  • G: Slow-motion
  • L / K: headlights
  • Q / E / Z: indicators
  • H: horn
  • C: change camera view
  • B: look back
  • Shift / Ctrl: shift gear manually