Cookie Clicker City

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About Cookie Clicker City

Cookie Clicker City is a famous idle game now loved by players all over the world. Beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay help you relax and have fun.

As soon as you start playing, you'll get a first look at the breathtaking landscape of the area around you. The passage of time here follows the natural cycle of day turning into night.

Your mission is to make an infinite variety of smaller cakes by clicking on the main cake, which is located in its own independent area. Use the amount of cake generated to buy useful items that will assist you in the process of forming a new kind of city, modern, using the amount of cake generated to develop the land from a primitive look to a modern look. You can do this by using the amount of cake generated to buy valuable items. Be patient with time because it will help you a lot in creating a large number of cakes. The items and architecture that you purchase will assist you in significantly increasing the number of cakes that you create.

The overall progression of the game may be broken down into five distinct sections. You have access to a maximum of 18 different structures that can assist you in expanding your city and maximizing the output of your factories. In this game, there are approximately 600 different upgrades and 700 different accomplishments that can be unlocked. There are also a lot of fascinating things waiting to be found.

How to play

  • To purchase the structure you desire, click the home symbol.
  • To upgrade, click the arrow symbol in the upper right corner.
  • Simply click the trophy symbol to see the accomplishments of your city.
  • Simply clicking the wheel symbol will allow you to customize the game to your preferences.

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