Clash of Warriors

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About Clash of Warriors

The thrill and attraction that Clash of Warriors game brings will definitely make you satisfied. This is a strategic card game, use 90 cards skillfully to win.

If you are a fastidious person who always aims for perfection, the graphics that this game brings will make you satisfied. 90 different cards are meticulously and beautifully drawn, each card seems to be drawn into a separate space.

Attractive gameplay

You will need to use the mouse to place the cards on the battlefield containing the warriors. These cards will be placed next to the cards placed by the computer, representing your opponent. You will need to beat the computer by placing cards with higher attack power on the battlefield. Make sure you never run out of minions and use unique cards that include healings, spells, or other awesome abilities that you can use to your advantage.

Don't give up because you don't know what other kinds of great games we have for you every day; Each new battle you enter is more challenging than the previous one, but we guarantee that you will have more fun overall.