Clash Of Armor

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About Clash Of Armor

The strategy game called Clash Of Armor allows you to pit the best tanks of your players against each other providing a very engaging experience.

Clash Of Armor which was developed and published by Beedo Games, is currently the finest tank-battling video game. Fight it out with your opponent in battle while positioning your tanks carefully in order to be the only squad standing at the end of the match. The first team to destroy a turret that belongs to an opposing team wins the match. You should experiment with various tank combinations to see which one provides the most value to you; however, you should be careful not to send out all of your strongest ones at once! You are going to have to wait since we are unable to immediately send them back out to you. Are you certain that you have what it takes to win in Clash of Armor?


The primary purpose of this game is to undermine the defensive capabilities of the adversary. This objective may be accomplished by fielding armored units and working to ensure that your troops are superior in strength to those of your adversary.


Each individual unit in Clash of Armor has its own one-of-a-kind balance of positive and negative attributes. The gameplay is consistent due to the fact that each scenario and fight is distinct, and you are required to adapt to the situation in a consistent manner. Both you and your opponent have turrets stationed at your respective bases to provide a defense. It all boils down to selecting the appropriate troops and putting them into action on the battlefield at the appropriate moment. Sending out an excessive number of troops carries with it the possibility of causing mayhem. If you do not deliver a sufficient amount, your whole group will perish.

How to play

  • Tanks may be deployed by using the left mouse button.

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