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About Chompers.io

The game of the evolution genre called Chompers.io is being loved by children. Control your monster to fight with other monsters to upgrade your power.

In this game, you will be able to use whatever you desire as a weapon, whether it be a banana or a pencil. You have complete freedom in this regard. You may open any of these goods in any order you want; the only requirement is that you have sufficient funds. You may not only acquire new weapons but also totally new components of new outfits or characters as you go through the game. Each day, there will be incentives that may be claimed; thus, you must not forget to do so. While playing the game, your goal should be to eliminate as many of your opponents as possible and collect candies in the process. Consuming these tasty treats will enable your character to level up and become more resistant to strikes from the other team.

How to control the game Chompers.io

  • Move with the thumbstick
  • Attack button to attack
  • The speed boost button allows you to move more quickly at the expense of experience.