Bucket Crusher

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About Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher is an extremely attractive idle game. You will control a machine that crushes all bricks to exchange for money to upgrade your machine.

Basic features of the game

  • Enjoyable game mechanics combined with a casual approach to the gameplay
  • Dismantle a variety of bricks and mosaics.
  • You will get money for every block you successfully claim.
  • Invest in more powerful gear and equipment.
  • Enjoy cost-free gameplay on both mobile and desktop platforms!

How to play

You may turn the bricks in the wall into currency by cutting a hole through it and then pushing them into your bucket crusher. You may do this till your gasoline runs out.

Improve your organization's machinery.

You may improve your crushing equipment by investing the money you gained from selling the bricks you crushed into more powerful models after each run. You may obtain more bricks with each run of the level if you increase the length, power, size, and fuel capacity of your vehicle.

Dismantle the bricks and the mosaics.

You will eventually gain access to a sufficient number of upgrades to completely demolish the wall, destroying each and every brick in the process. When you have finished the first wall, there will be a variety of bright and intriguing mosaics with a variety of forms for you to dig into and tear apart in the following levels. In addition, as you make progress, you will unlock different skins.