Block Granny Horror

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About Block Granny Horror

A horror game called Block Granny Horror is making thrill-loving gamers eager to conquer. It's time to exercise your courage before the challenges in the game.

Explore the enormous home made of blocks but be careful not to be captured. Find a place to hide and try to get away from the crafty neighbor's grandmother. Uncover the dark and horrific truth about her! After entering the pixel building, you will need to finish the many seek-and-hide challenges.

You may anticipate riddles, caches, and traps on every real floor, and you will need to solve them all. You should work as quickly as you can to finish this task so that the horrible blocky granny doesn't have time to kill you. scary It appears as though Grandmother wants to keep everyone hidden away in her spooky house. Your mission is to figure out how to get out of her house while also finding all of the objects that are hidden inside that you need.

Great features of this fascinating game

  • A wide variety of terrifying add-ons can only be accessed after finishing the core game
  • Great in-game cutscene video, as well as the opportunity to discover the fantastic ending
  • Spend the next 5 nights exploring the terrifying horror block home.
  • Prepare your ambushes for the terrifying granny house game.
  • Unsolvable puzzles and challenging tasks
  • Innovative control schemes and terrifying gore effects.
  • A large number of objects and occurrences can be found in this horror granny mod.
  • A huge and terrifying old house