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BAPBAP is a fast-paced action game that challenges your agility. Join the gaming community to conquer new victories together and rise to the top of the race.


BAPBAP sounds like an exciting and dynamic game! It combines elements of both MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and Battle Royale genres, offering a unique gameplay experience. The fact that you can team up with two friends adds a cooperative aspect to the game, enhancing the strategic depth and fostering teamwork.

In a fast-paced MOBA Battle Royale game like BAPBAP, being quick on your feet and making split-second decisions is crucial for survival and success. With intuitive controls, players can easily navigate the game and focus on executing their strategies.

The variety of strategic options implies that players have multiple ways to approach the game. This could include choosing different character classes or roles, utilizing various abilities or weapons, and adapting strategies based on the evolving circumstances of each match.

Features of the game

  • Team-based Gameplay: BAPBAP allows you to join forces with up to two friends, emphasizing cooperative play and teamwork. Working together with your teammates is essential for survival and achieving victory.
  • Fast-Paced Action: The game offers intense and fast-paced gameplay, where quick reflexes and decision-making are important. Matches are typically designed to be relatively short and action-packed.
  • Battle Royale Mechanics: BAPBAP incorporates Battle Royale elements, where a large number of players or teams fight against each other in an ever-shrinking playable area.

How to control the game

  • WASD: These keys are used for basic movement, allowing you to navigate the game world. W moves your character forward, A and D strafe left and right, and S moves your character backward.
  • Left-click, Q, E, Space: These inputs are used to activate your character's abilities. Left-click has typically associated abilities with basic attacks or primary abilities, while Q, E, and Space may be used for additional or special actions.
  • F: The F key is designated for interacting with objects in the game. This can include opening doors, picking up items, or performing specific actions based on the context.
  • Right-click: Right-clicking is commonly used for pinging or marking locations on the game map. It allows you to communicate with your teammates and provide quick information or alerts.
  • V: The V key is often associated with the remote function, allows you to express emotions or gestures in the game. Emotes are typically cosmetic and add a fun element to the gameplay experience.
  • Y: The Y key is used to lock or unlock the camera. When the camera is locked, it stays focused on your character, making it easier to keep track of your surroundings.